Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goats at Rosewood Hill Farm

Located 1.5 hours from Washington, D.C. in Rappahannock County Rosewood Hill Farm is 65 acres of pasture and forest. We sell grass fed goats.

Did you know that most goat meat sold in the Washington area is from goats raised in far away places like Texas, New Zealand, and Australia? There they are fed pure protein and straw then trucked or flown several thousand miles across the country using up lots of petroleum. It is much better for your health and the environment to buy locally grown meat and vegetables. Our goats are treated with kindness and are happy playing outdoors nibbling on grass and vines. We do not give our goats growth hormones or antibiotics because we don't believe you should eat those either.

Most Virginia farms raise cattle but goat meat is the meat most widely consumed in the world so it makes sense for the local farmer to cater to the large number of Indians, Persians, Arabs, Asians, and Latinos living here. Se habla español también.

Whole goats $65.

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